Welcome to Robinette Driving, for quality driving lessons in Hillsborough

Do you want an instructor in Hillsborough who will give you a great chance of passing 1st time?

Robinette Driving is a local independent Driving School, run by myself Colin Robinette. I pride myself on the quality of training given, with lessons tailored to the individual. Whether you are a novice, experienced learner or full licence holder, my emphasis is on YOU: helping YOU to build your confidence and skill set. Each lesson will follow a structured approach; one built around YOU.

Within your Welcome Pack you will find your ‘Drivers Record’: use this to track your progress from start to finish.

As your lessons progress, you will get the option of an ‘All-inclusive learner package’, tailored to meet your individual needs. With this if you do not pass 1st time, the services of Robinette Driving will remain free-of-charge, until you have successfully passed your driving test (conditions apply).

My Offering:

• Driving lessons in Hillsborough and surrounds
• Expert Tuition; saving you time and money.
• FREE ´Welcome Pack´; Highway Code included.
• Learn in a modern dual controlled Ford Focus.
• FREE learning resources available for existing pupils.
• Lessons available 7 days a week.
• Pick up and drop off arrangements: home / work / college.
• Lessons are taken on a one-to-one basis.
• No car sharing, in a non-smoking environment.
• Block Booking discounts.
• Existing pupils will continue to be offered discounts against standard rates.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Twenty-hour block booking
Price per hour

20 hour block booking

Driving lessons can be spread over a period of time
Ten-hour block booking
Price per-hour

10 hour block booking

Driving lessons can be spread over a period of time
Five-hour block booking
Price per-hour

5 hour block booking

Driving lessons can be spread over a period of time
Driving Test
Use of Car for test

Includes: one-hour lesson before test, insurance and drop-off after test.

Robinette Driving
You can test your theory knowledge by registering with our FREE online theory practice

let Robinette Driving ´Put you in the Driving seat´
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